• 3B Scientific 1004245, Invertebrata Slide
3B Scientific 1004245, Invertebrata Slide

3B Scientific 1004245, Invertebrata Slide

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The most Important representatives of Protozoa, Sponges, Coelenterata, Vermes, Arthropoda, Insecta, Mollusca, Echinodermata, Acrania

12 c

13 b

14 c

15 c

16 e

17 e

18 b

19 b

2 c

20 b

21 b

22 d

6 e

7 c

9 d

Amoeba proteus, w.m

Apis mellifica, honey bee, mouth parts of worker w.m

Apis mellifica, wings w.m

Asterias, starfish, t.s

Cyclops, copepod w.m

Daphnia, water flea w.m

Dicrocoelium lanceolatum, sheep liver fluke, w.m

Drosophila, fruit fly, sagittal l.s

Euglena, a common flagellate with eye spot 3 d

Hydra, extended specimen w.m

Includes 1 e

Lumbricus, earthworm, t.s

Musca domestica, house fly, head and mouth parts w.m

Musca domestica, house fly, leg with pulvilli w.m

Paramaecium, a common ciliate 4 c

Periplaneta, cockroach, biting mouth parts w.m

Planaria, t.s

Snail, radula w.m

Snail, t.s

Spider, leg with comb w.m

Spider, spinneret w.m

Spiracle from insect w.m

Sycon, marine sponge, t.s

Taenia saginata, tapeworm, proglottids in different stages t.s

Trachea from insect w.m

Trichinella spiralis, l.s

Of adult specimen 23 d

Of arm ray .

Of body 5 e

Of body 8 c

Of body in region of typhlosole 11 c

Of muscle with encysted larvae 10 c

Or section 24 d

Through body 25 d